FINALLY! I'm ALMOST done with writing the ENTIRE book! No thanks to the delays I faced I am finally back to writing. I had an issue after my computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. Thank god I had my book backed up on Dropbox and my flash drive. Then after getting a new computer I didn't have the money to purchase Microsoft Office again. Finally, after getting everything back I ran into some writers block since I hadn't written a single word in months. But now every is back, thankfully.

I had to cut out a few chapters. It may be shorter now but it does mean that I'm closer to the end! I am currently writing the second to last chapter which is chapter 15 of 16 total. Once I'm done I will send the book to be edited and proofed, make the final touches and it'll be sent out for publication! Isn't this exciting?! Finally after two years my book is almost done. If it weren't for the delays though it would have probably been published last November! Haha, oh well. Things happen for a reason right?

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