I Just added the Wibiya tool bar to the site so you can now tweet, FB post/like, update your status on 5 different sites all at once (FB, Twitter, MySpace, etc.), share the URL with any other site and even translate each and every page on the site ALL without EVER leaving!! OH! You can also chat with your FB friends from within the site or even with other people who are currently on the site!! You can also see how many other people are on, view my Twitter page (in a pop-up window within the site), subscribe to my RSS feed and even get live updates directly from me as they're posted! Try it ALL out now in the toolbar down below!!
I just wanted to make this post to inform you all that my writing has come to a stop for now. It's not by choice. I had Microsoft Office on my computer but it crashed and I wasn't able to get it back after the restore. Then I got the trial but that ended and I haven't been able to scrap up enough money to purchase Office again. Until I can purchase Office I won't be able to continue writing. I would continue using OpenOffice (freeware) but I can't because my book was formatted specifically for Word. If I tried it would mess up in many ways and it would take forever to fix. :( I'll update the blog and let you know when I am able to get Word. Thank you for visiting the site and thank you so much for your support!