I just wanted to make this post to inform you all that my writing has come to a stop for now. It's not by choice. I had Microsoft Office on my computer but it crashed and I wasn't able to get it back after the restore. Then I got the trial but that ended and I haven't been able to scrap up enough money to purchase Office again. Until I can purchase Office I won't be able to continue writing. I would continue using OpenOffice (freeware) but I can't because my book was formatted specifically for Word. If I tried it would mess up in many ways and it would take forever to fix. :( I'll update the blog and let you know when I am able to get Word. Thank you for visiting the site and thank you so much for your support!

I've been writing a lot lately but there have been many distractions. I've completed chapters 10 and 11 but I'm still trying to finish chapter 12. I should have it completed by the end of next week and hopefully have started chapter 13. I'll keep you posted.
Just created a new cover for the book. It's on the home page so if you haven't already seen it then go check it out! Let me know what you think. I like it but if you don't then I'll switch back. :D
You guys asked for more, and thats exactly what I gave you! Check out the Chapter 3 excerpt! It's a very emotional part for both Henry and John! I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Let me know what you think on the Comments page or on the Feedback page. :D
I just updated the summary page with a new and improved version of the book summary! It's now more clear and descriptive. Also due to visitor feedback I added a comments page for everyone to add public comments or to just say hello. :) Thank you guys for keeping up with the site! Finishing Chapter 9 now. Should be done within the hour and will then begin on Chapter 10.
Spent all night and the last few hours staring at the computer. I'm almost done with chapter 9 now! Finally! Only 9 chapters left for a total of 18 chapters. Going to continue writing now and if I get it done today I'll be sure to post it! :D So excited! I'm that much closer to writing chapter 11 which is the craziest one of all! YAY!!
I have a few merchandise ideas and would like your opinions. Now I know my book hasn't been released and isn't really a big deal but I plan to have merchandise ready for the initial first launch of the book. Here are a few of the ideas:
  • A black t-shirt with the image at the top of this page printed on it. You know have the book name and all the clouds surrounding it.
  • Bracelets in two diferent styles. One black with the book title printed in white and the other white with the book title printed in black.
After that I'm pretty much stumped. If you guys can PLEASE give me feedback on this idea. Would you buy the merch even though the book would be so new? And if you would are the choices I have good ones? You can leave your feedback in the comments below or on the feedback page. Also if you can PLEASE add some of your own merch ideas. Your help is much appreciated! :D
Thanks for your time!
So far I've completed chapters 1-8 and I am currently writing chapter 9. I plan to have chapter 9 completed within the next week or so. I'll add more book excerpts as soon as I can. Its hard to find stuff to put up here that won't give away too much. The chapter 5 excerpt already gave away a LOT! I've already designed the book cover which you have seen on the homepage. More images/book art are soon to come! I'll have them available for download as well so look for those in the near future. I believe that's all. If there's anything you'd like to know that I haven't already mentioned feel free to leave a comment or send me an email via the feedback page. Thanks for checking out the site! :D