I have a few merchandise ideas and would like your opinions. Now I know my book hasn't been released and isn't really a big deal but I plan to have merchandise ready for the initial first launch of the book. Here are a few of the ideas:
  • A black t-shirt with the image at the top of this page printed on it. You know have the book name and all the clouds surrounding it.
  • Bracelets in two diferent styles. One black with the book title printed in white and the other white with the book title printed in black.
After that I'm pretty much stumped. If you guys can PLEASE give me feedback on this idea. Would you buy the merch even though the book would be so new? And if you would are the choices I have good ones? You can leave your feedback in the comments below or on the feedback page. Also if you can PLEASE add some of your own merch ideas. Your help is much appreciated! :D
Thanks for your time!
Christopher McAdams
10/5/2010 06:23:48 pm

I love the t-shirt idea! Lanching merchandise as soon as the book comes out shouldn't be too bad. If I really enjoyed the book then I'd probably buy something. Good luck!!!


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